segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2016

Ideias para lembrancinhas "Dia internacional das mulheres"

These have been on my list for awhile:

lembrancinha- porta esmalte e lixa:

For the girls to make their friends. Ring-A-Lings: These pretty baubles have the look of glass enamel but are easily created by painting a metal washer with nail polish. Start with a base coat of white or yellow. Add colors, letting each coat dry before painting on top of it. Top the finished design with a protective coat of clear polish. @Amanda Dancy:

SUPER cute Friendship Necklace craft idea based on the Disney #SuperBuddies new movie. #ad Turn simple metal washers into lovely necklaces and share with friends.:

Apostila "Ensinando versículos bíblicos para as crianças".

Apostila "ENSINANDO VERSÍCULOS BÍBLICOS PARA AS CRIANÇAS",  organizada por Vânia Morais e ministrada em oficinas. Vale a pena conferir e baixar o material.

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